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Just got a estimate to change structs on 2008 TOYOTA camry LE

i got a quote for changing the toyota 2008 for $1900 from oil change/ tire place.

does anyone know a good place to get structs changed??

i had factory orginial structs and i think it’s time to get another one.

any advice or recommendation for Sterling,VA to Chantilly, virginia will be appreciated.

I dont mind car dealers or certifired toyota repair shops. as well. thanks in advance.

please email me at

I would not let an oil change.tire place change my struts any more than I’d let a dentist perform an appendectomy. And that quote sounds way too high.

I’m not from VA and can’t make any specific recommendations, but I’d suggest getting quotes from a few privately owned & operated shops tha also do alijgnment (you’ll need one after the struts are replaced). Perhaps your neighbors or coworkers can suggest a place.

Start by clicking on MECHANICS FILES at the top of THIS PAGE. See it up there? There are probably dozens of good shops recommended there in your area.

How many miles are on your car? The probability of it needing all four struts is VERY slim unless it has over 200K miles. Fronts, maybe.

And the word is STRUTS. There is no C. Not that I would mention to another shop that you need them, or you undoubtedly will. Ask for an alignment check. If you need struts, a reputable shop will tell you.

Also, I would suggest you go back to your original post and click on the little gear at the top. That will allow you to edit your post to eliminate your email address. That’s not the kind of thing you want to have out there on a very public website. IF you want to have people from here correspond directly with you, they can do that through the inbox provided by the website. It’s up there on a bar under the bar with the Mechanics files.

Try contacting Auto Tech of Tyson’s. They’ve done work for me in the past and have always had reasonable prices.

I would seriously doubt that you need new struts yet, unless you hit big pot holes on a regular basis. all the rest of the above advice is valid if and when you actually need new struts.

BTW, as a warning to every one else here, responding to a post via e-mail is how phishers get valid e-mail addresses to sell to other phishers and scammers.

Price is way to high. I got mine replace on a 2002 camry a year ago for $900 from dealer. 4 KYB shocks was $525 and the rest was labor.

@dynakore, how many miles?

Is the ride very bouncy?


I was thinking the same thing. This car seems too young to need struts. I think the original quote was an up-sale, not a true diagnosis.

New struts on an '08? Doubt you need them. Take the car for another opinion.

The struts on these cars tend to have a little “seepage”. That is a known defect. There actually is a dealer approved seepage amount that is acceptable. U may be annoyed to find that they will not warranty the strut with a little seepage. They will wait until the warranty is expired and than talk u into changing them. At your expense.

Struts and shocks are a favorite ‘you gotta replace them now! your car is unsafe!’ scam for bad shops. Happened to my wife years ago (before we met) at a chain shop.

Check them yourself.*
Why on earth do they think you need all 4 shocks ?
Why do you think they’re right ?
Price is high. All four are $ 520 for parts. Plus labor.

*Push down hard on each corner of your car.
The car will bounce back up and return to zero.
Any more bouncing than that and, yes, the shocks are worn.

@dynakore, here’s a weird idea

Ask a friend or co-worker that’s not familiar with your car to drive the car for a day.
Swap cars for that day.
Then ask them what they thought.
That should be an objective response.
If your car’s struts are really that bad, your friend might say “The car was all over the place” or “The ride was like a yo-yo”