Just for fun


The December issue of Harper’s magazine contains the following in their “Harper’s Index:”

Number of U.S. states that have banned texting while driving: 27

Number of these states that offer traffic updates via Twitter: 25


texting and twitter are completely different!


oh yeah? your still on the goshdurn phone when your still driving. thats the point.

but thats not what this thread is about. no more arguing.

those statistics are almost funny.


I certainly got a chuckle out of it.


Remember the good old days when there were no cell phones, we got along just fine. I just don’t see the need to be constantly connected/informed…I guess I am just old fashioned emphasis on old…


Mshunga, I Agree. I’ve Got A Couple Of Them And Don’t Regularly Turn Them On And Seldom Ever Use Them. I Just Stayed Back In The Good-Old-Days.

I’ve noticed that my family members who use them do less planning and have more problems because of this. Should they want me involved in their activities they’ve got to plan ahead because I’m not instantly available.



Remember the good old days when only the trucker CB and a few others were “safely” driving around with mic in hand…
“Break, there’s a smokey on the prowl with a camera, hope he’s just shooting Wooly Bear”


These droids are voluntarily putting themselves into The Matrix…Pretty soon, you will see them in video game rooms with plug-ins implanted in the back of their skulls. Totally connected. But they can’t wipe their own noses or tie their own shoes…


I don’t know how legal they are, but it’d be fun to buy one of those cell phone jammers with a real good range and just drive around the highways and watch people talking on their phone suddenly have it go out on them. Then, if it’s small enough, put it in your pocket when you go somewhere to eat, and enjoy the quiet


I know I’m going to sound like an old grouch here, and I know cell phones have many legitimate uses ~however~ it seems to me that these devices serve in many cases as an electronic “leash”. Someone (boss, spouse, child, parent, client, etc) MUST be able to contact you at all times and there will be double hockey sticks to pay if you don’t PICK UP THE PHONE! More proof that your time doesn’t really belong to you. AND you get to pay each month for the privilege of being on that electronic leash.

I still remember the good old days before cell phones.


Times I’ve realized the true value of cell phones:
when my daughter was stranded in the middle of nowhere
when my daughter was involved in an accident (a few times)
when I was stranded in the middle of traffic
When my ladyfriend was stranded
When my ladyfriend and I were out and about and her daughter was due to deliver
and, last but not least, when I had my last heart attack…

How did we ever live without cellphones?


You’ve noticed they don’t do either…or pull their pants up.