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Just bought a 2012 Nissan Rogue, seeking advice about oil change intervals

Hey guys, first time poster here. My girlfriend recently purchased a Nissan Rogue, and I noticed that when she got home the oil had not been changed for about 8,000 miles. I changed the oil, and the engine sounds noticeably better. The car was only owned by the dealership, so I assumed it was in good condition. My question is this: Is there a good chance that there will be long term damage because of the length between changes? Would you take the car back to the dealership, regardless?

What interval is in the manual? Was the oil level low before changing? How many miles on it when bought?

I doubt 8K between changes would do much if any damage, as long as the oil level was up to where it is supposed to be. I change the oil in my 20 year old Corolla every 6,000 miles, and that interval has not seeme to do much damage.

BTW, I’m assuming you changed the filter too. And are monitoring the oil level.

The dealer may have other reasons to take the car back. Maybe they have a policy that lets it be returned for other reasons like it’s too small to suit your liking, seats too high/low or anything else that you could mention.

What sound did you have that you didn’t like? Without that information, we can only guess what you’re talking about.

The oil level was fine and it had 17k miles on it.

The motor just sounded bogged down, really. It is running better now and sounds normal, I just don’t want to be stuck with a car that has engine troubles right off the bat.