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Jumpy car

My volvo s60 started shake/jumping today for the first time. I live in Miami florida and it is still very hot here so I was using the A.C. THe car was shaky as I drove, the check engine light was flashing. I turned off the AC and it got much better and almost stopped completely. When I press the gas it struggles as well like when you need new fuel injectors. I’m clueless, any advice?? The car has 115,000 miles.



The first piece of advice is to immediately stop driving the car if the engine light is flashing - not at the next exit or turn off - but immediately wherever there is a safe enough shoulder to pull off on. In fact, since this did happen I’d not drive it anymore until this is sorted out - what could be a small problem could become serious damage.

You have a severe misfire. Lots of things can cause that. You need to have the codes read from the engine’s computer. If you get then you can post them back up here.

If you are not far from a chain-type auto parts store such as Autozone, and if you can start and drive the car without the engine light flashing, then you could drive it there and they should be able to read the codes for free. What you need are the actual codes - like P0123 - rather than anything that anyone tells you about them.

Of course, you might want to just take it to a mechanic.

Have you kept up with the maintenance on this car? And I don’t mean oil changes - other things like spark plugs/wires, fuel air filters, etc?

bought the car from a co-worker/friend who says it was kept up. Her husband was on top of the maintenance. I am going to take it to my mechanic asap, but the thing is their shop is about 25 miles from where the car is. THe engine light is not flashing anymore as long as the AC isn’t on. Now is it going to be ok to drive it that far to get to the mechanic??