Jumper cables and battery chargers

Why, when I follow the warnings and directions on jumper cables and battery chargers, do they never work, but when I ignore them they always work? Could this have something to do with government regulations?

EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work???

All the directions I’ve ever seen with these products couldn’t be simplier. Wonder what OP does at Christmas assembling presents for the kids?

I don’t have any problems when I follow the directions and heed the warnings using jumper cables or battery chargers. If they don’t work you’re doing something incorrectly.

No, I Dont Think So. For Me, Following The Warnings / Directions Always Yields Positive Results.

Please tell very specifically why you make your statement. Give a detailed example of doing it by the book and having it not work and then doing it your way and getting results.


What the heck are you talking about?

I’ve had more modern chargers that won’t work on a discharged battery. I found it odd, but after looking through the included manual …it was there.

It’s only when all else fails do we read the instructions ;^)

This must be one of those lessons which begins: "Now, students, DON’T do it like this! THIS is bad! "

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dictionary definition and putting it in a family friendly term… taurus feces.

red lead to positive terminal. black lead to negative terminal. connect to dead battery first. last connection is to good battery ground.
If the dead battery has a bad cell, this still might not get the jump start you want.
rev the charging engine a little for a few before you try to crank the dead vehicle.
Not all batteries can be charged. If it fails, check the specific gravity, you may need a new one.

I forgot to add, check the fluid level in the battery if it is the open type. Add only distilled water if the level it low.

oh, yeah, and clean the battery terminal posts, and the cable clamps too. sometimes that is all that is wrong.