Jump start

what is the best gauge,jumper cable to buy.

Thick is better than thin. If you’re buying jumper cables, don’t scrimp. Buy nice, heavy cables.

Make sure you go by the gauge, not the physical thickness of the cable. Some of the cheap ones have really thick insulation to make you think that you are buying heavy gauge cables when you aren’t.

Whenever I’ve looked at basic cost / quality balance I’ve generally ended up with 4 gauge.

It partly depends on other things. You can get really long ones (like 30-35 ft) in which case I’d be more likely to drop down to 2 gauge. You might also be someone who relies on them regularly or just someone who pulls them out a few times per year as needed. If you’re just looking for an emergency set to toss in the trunk get something between 4 and 8 gauge. Lower gauge is always better, but in a pinch for once in a while use any set is better than none.

Addendum - I actually tend to pay just as much, if not more attention to the quality of the clamps - strong and toothy is good. My best set at the moment has an extra little mini-extension on the end of each jaw for getting at those tiny side terminals in tight spaces.