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Judd truck recommendation - Tundra ok but Cadillac Ext evil?

Top model 4wd Tundra gets the same poor mileage as the Cadillac EXT. Why the rant over the Cadillac but a recommendation for a Toyota? I don’t understand why Toyota gets a pass on gas hogs while domestic manufacturers don’t.
There is also a hybrid GM pickup that’s a little better, and possibly some diesels.
I don’t understand why either one would be recommended for nannies to drive kids around in. I suspect if the Judd family needed a truck they’d already have one. A Camry hybrid or highlander hybrid would be a decent recommendation as you guys are Toyota bigots. :slight_smile:

Toyota trucks rate number 4 with me right behind Chevy, Dodge and Ford. If you are hauling kids around I would look at SUV’s manufactured by the 4 brands that I listed. I don’t like Cadillac SUV/trucks since they are overpriced.

That was an old segment.

I don't understand why Toyota gets a pass on gas hogs while domestic manufacturers don't.
I would think that the Escalade would be exempt from the gas guzzler tax as well because it's an SUV, but perhaps there's something about its design that doesn't quite qualify. I believe the reason the Toyota isn't subject to it has nothing to do with whether it's a domestic or a foreign product, but because it's actually a pickup truck, it isn't subject to the tax. As I understand it, the original reason for the “gas-guzzler tax” was to penalize those who purchased inefficient vehicles that are/were, realistically, unnecessary (like a gas-guzzling sports car), but to exempt vehicles like pickup trucks because (much more so at the time the law was passed) those vehicles were used for work – by farmers and construction people, etc. – not the jackass in the suburbs with the Platinum Edition F-150 that’ll never have anything to haul in the back of his truck and won’t ever put a scratch on his spray-on bedliner!
That was an old segment.
Aren't they all?

Does Toyota sponsor the show? The F150 is again the #1 selling vehicle with the Chevy pickup #2. You always run down American vehicles and choose the Toyota Tundra. If someone ask for a recommendation for a 4 door anything I think you always pick the Tundra. One of my friends traded a Dodge Cummings for a Tundra. Hooked up his trailer and took off. The next week he took the Tundra back and begged for the Dodge.

That segment was 10 years old. Hybrids didn’t exist. And at the time, domestics did lag well behind at MPG. The 2002 Tundra had better MPG compared to the Escalade. SUV’s had terrible rep back then. You have to remember how dated it is.

Here’s the original show that Ashley appeared on…

Ironically, it was also aired on St. Pat’s weekend.

I’ve been buying the older episodes “Best Of” on Itunes and sometimes I hear the same calls twice in a week, once in the old original and then repeated in this weeks show. I heard the Judd call 2x…

Also remember, the Escalade, Navigator and Expedition were really the poster children of excess when they came out. Gas guzzling, over sized, needlessly equipped - many people considered owners of these to be jerks and even worse when they traded to Hummers.