Jolting manual 2001 ranger

So heres my problem. My 2001 manual ford ranger has started to jolt pretty bad when im driving in gear. At first it was only doing it when i first started the car for maybe a quater of a mile but now it is significantly worse. To clarify, it jolts back and forth when im in gear and is especially bad when im coasting and not pressing on the gas, and it is not just that im going to slow in to high a gear this will happen in all gears pllease help

What’s the maintenance history of this vehicle? When was the last time the spark plugs were replaced? How about the fuel filter?

Does the check engine light come on?

i bought it used a few monthes back but had it checked out by a family mechanic who gave it a full inspection and said that it was worth the asking price to buy. As for the specifics of the last time for the air filter and spark plugs im not sure exactly and yes the check engine light has come on.

How many miles on the Ranger? V6 or 4 cyl. motor?

Since you bought the truck used you just don’t know the history. Start by taking it to the mechanic who inspected it. You can expect to need new spark plugs, air filter, and perhaps some other items depending on the codes stored in the computer. There will be malfunction codes since the check engine light is on.

With the age of the truck the check engine light is not unusual. Hopefully it won’t be a major deal to get you running correctly again.

Check the universal joints in your driveshaft, Grab your driveshaft in the middle with the car in park or gear and rotate the driveshaft in both directions . If there is any clunking or binding, replace the universal joint(s).

Does this jerking stop as soon as the clutch pedal is depressed? If so, the clutch may be worn and is now shuddering.


If the CEL is on you need to have someone scan the vehicle’s computer for trouble codes. Many parts stores will do this free. After you have the trouble codes post back here and people will suggest ways to help.