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Jitter bug

I have a 1981 toyota corolla motor in my jitter bug (home made tractor). It stopped all of a sudden when driving and has not started since. I believe that it is the ignition control module. Is there a way I can by pass this so I do not have to buy a new one which are very expensive.

By-pass and then what for ignition control? if you don’t want to go back to breaker points (thats if you can find a breaker point distributor) you must replace the module.

Have you followed the chart that diagnosis ignition module failure? are you sure its the module? got spark? how do you know?

I do not have any spark comming from the coil. Tried a differant coil and still no spark. What chart that diagnosis the module? Thanks for you reply.

In many manuals there is a small 5 to 7 step test procedure for ignition modules. First step is to determine if correct DC voltages and grounds are present. have you priced a module? This is not like you are replacing a engine control computer. A ignition control module for GM HEI ignition can be as little as $20.00. Price one out so you know for sure.

The modules that I have located are all from supply houses and cost $350.00 plus. Have tried many salvage yards but no one seems to have older cars these days.