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Jiffy Lube leaves drain plug loose, engine runs dry

Dear Sir/Mam

I am a Guest Services Represenative for Heartland Automotive Jiffy Lube. We operate the Jiffy Lube where you received your service. I would like to discuss this matter with you and see what can be done to resolve your concerns.

I can be reached at

Dean Gillam
Guest Services Representative
Heartland Automotive Services, Inc

Well, Shut My Mouth ! Dean, What Kinds Of “Guest Services” Can One Find At Heartland Jiffy Lube ? Please Enlighten Our Audience.


At least you have the integrity to post and ask. Mind you this is a hostile audience when it comes to Jiffy Lube (like they have never made a mistake themselves) I highly doubt one of these “Jiffy Lube Assassins” could make it through one 100 car Saturday in the pit without screwing up big time.

I’m not one of those who think the JL franchises are the devil incarnate. They do provide a valuable service and the vast majority of what they do is done without a problem.
However, their business model of speed, especially with cars lined up for their turn, can lead to mistakes.

The JL rep who posted is to be commended for at least an intial effort to try and remedy this situation. I only have 2 points about that:
One is why post here; surely they could have contacted the OP to try and resolve this.

Two is if this rep is going to claim that since the engine appears to run fine then no harm, no foul.

Why post here? The OP has lobbed a one sided bomb and named names. Likely in addition to contacting the OP the maligned business is also letting everyone here know they are willing to address the claims made. What do you think are the chances the OP would stop back to let people here know what the ultimate result was unless it was bad? Imagine if one of your customers came here bashing you and named you directly. Would you attempt to defend yourself and want to make sure everyone here who read it knew you were willing to work with the customer?

Well, my opinion is that someone who complains about an automotive problem should not mention names or locations at all. There is always the risk of tarnishing someone incorrectly and in some cases could lead to consequences for the complainer.
Not too long ago someone bought a used car on an auction site and felt it was not up to par. They referred to the dealer as a “crook”, both on the auction site and on public internet forums. The dealer sued them for libel and won.
This is hardly the situation here though.

I certainly don’t blame the OP for seeking impartial answers as to any consequences and how to handle the problem, although I do think the name of the facility should not have been mentioned at this point. If push comes to shove, then drag their name through the muck.

It also seems to me the service rep should have tried to resolve this before posting anything on any forum. However, the service rep should not attempt to whitewash the problem by providing a year of free oil changes, a free “inspection” to be followed with the determination that everything is ducky, etc.

Hopefully the OP and/or the service rep will post back with the resolution to this problem.

Well put. I only disagree on the one point I already addressed. Once the OP named them in an open forum, I see no problem with the business letting everyone here know what’s going on from their perspective versus waiting for some resolution in the matter before doing so. They have a right to defend and present their side. Why should they have to leave this bad perception of them hanging out there and potentially losing business over it while they sort things out? They haven’t disputed the OP’s account or made any claims only indicated they want to contact the owner and discuss a resolution.

I use the Fram’s drain plug valve, which pretty much does the same thing. I still use ramps when I do oil changes so I can inspect things underneath, like the CV boots and suspension components.

bscar, when I couldn’t find one to fit one of my motorcycles, I had new threads cut to match the valve.

CSA, I would imagine the answer is…(wait for it)…OIL CHANGES (and other fluid changes)!

Dean Gillam is probably the Guest Services Representative for Heartland Automotive Services, Inc., not just a single Jiffy Lube location.

Ron-Man, Oil Changes And Other Fluid Changes Are (Wait For It . . . ) Car Services, Not Guest Services. That’s Why People Go To Jiffy Lube. They Go To Have Their Car Serviced.

Guest services are things like massages, manicures, in-room bars, mints on pillows, WIFI, etcetera. Guest services service guests, not cars.

I already know what car services are offered at Jiffy Lube, but what I wanted to know is what guest services were avilable to their guests. Maybe one has to have a personal invite in order to see what is available through a Guest Services Representative.



In the quick lube business, there is no difference between what you call “car services” and what they call “guest services.” The terminology has changed to reflect a focus on the customer and treat customers like they are valued guests in your home.

I know, you wanted to pick on the guy and I am ruining all your fun. :wink:

I agree. Once names are named, the accused has every right and responsibility to present his side. I’ll add that the accused in this case did not diss the OP, he simply provided an open invitation to the poster to come in and meet with him to seek resolution. I can respect that.

It also sounds to me like the JL shop did everything possible to rectify the error when it happened, and did not enter denial mode.

This makes me wonder if part of Dean Gillam’s job is to google “Jiffy Lube Redmond WA” on a regular basis. If he doesn’t, I would really like to know how he found this discussion. I would like to say “good job” to Dean for being on top of the situation.

Perhaps Jiffy Lube has had enough of the bashing they recieve on this site and are now making a list containing the names of who are the people doing it, I am not suprised at all that they know about the beating they take here, there are probably many current Jiffy Lube employees both technical and management that read CarTalk.

Whitey it’s becoming more and more common to see Manf reps showing up on these kind of discussion boards. I think they’re finally realizing it’s worth the investment to address these issues as quickly as possible. Boats, motorcycle, ATV and even a bbs for my phone has manf reps stepping in to help resolve issues. I can’t believe it took so long to realize the damage being done couldn’t just be ignored. They used to say bad experience was told to 10 people but today it’s orders of magnitude larger and instant…

Heard of the Fumoto valve.

More and more, modern businesses are recognizing the value of “social networking”. They’re showing up on sites like Facebook and even forums such as this. Personally, I think this is a good thing. They now have a link to what people are saying about them, a link that did not exist 20 years ago, as well as a place to better respond to unresolved problems. I commend this Jiffy Lube for its posting on this site and hope this is a sign of things to come, a sign that businesses will be taking “word of mouth” more seriously than they did in days of old.

Many operated in years gone by on the theory that “I may lose a customer to X, but it’s no big deal because he’s probably losing one to me”. Perhaps those days are finally over. Perhaps businesses will have to be more responsible to their customers.