Jiffy Lube burn my car

My point about the WM auto facilities is that WM does not run them. Quaker State used to but I have no idea if they still do or not. One would not know this by the WM uniforms, receipts, signs, and so on.
Maybe some other company handles it now but basically the auto center is a sublet facility.

My wife is a bookkeeper and worked for WM for some years in the office. She handled the paperwork/receipts/money for both store and auto center and she’s the one who told me about this.


At the BJ’s location in NJ where I used to shop, their tire shop (which was already run by Monro, quite a few years ago) was such a god-awful greasy mess of a place that I would never even consider taking my car there.

How a place that only installed tires and batteries could possibly get that dirty is a mystery to me.
By contrast, you could almost eat off the floor at all of the Costco tire shops that I have seen.

There isn’t a Costco near me. Closest one is 40 minutes away.

I know at least 2 other people who stopped buying tires at BJ’s when Monro muffler took over their tire shop. I guess there weren’t enough of us who stopped buying tires there to be a factor.