Jetta ball joint

what are the symptoms of a worn ball joint

Why Not Give Us The Symptoms? I’d Say That If You Are Questioning The Integrity Of Ball Joints Or Other Critical Suspension / Steering Components, Then You Need A Vehicle Safety Inspection.

Since you seem unsure of the condition of this vehicle, tell us what it’s doing. Also, why screw around, make arrangements and get it totally check out.

You or an innocent person could be injured while you debate whether the car is safe to drive or not.


There is a slight shimmy when I brake. I know I also need struts. This a 1999 with 145K that I have spent a fortune on. I’m just about at the end the line, but hesitant to buy another car. Can you get a free (or at least cheap) vehicle safety inspection? I keep bumping into bad mechanics. Even recommended ones tend to rip me off some where along the line and I am not made of money to endlessly pour into a car. I have been averaging $3,000 per year for the past 5 years.

That Shimmy When You Brake Could Just Be Slightly Warped Brake Rotors And Not A Major Concern. Weak Struts Could Exacerbate The Shimmy.

However, get it checked out anyhow. Call around. Depending on where you live, a safety inspection may be fairly inexpensive or free. Some shops, given the poor econommy, will do inspections for free while they try and sell you service on your vehicle.

Should they find a problem, have them show you specifically what’s wrong and demonstrate the problem if possible. Ask about the potential dangers of any problems.


Thank you for your advise. I found someone to check it for free. Turns out to be a broken strut which the mechanic said he never seen before. This is my last repair on this car and I will never get a Jetta again. I have been very good on maintence with it and it still constantly needs repairs and costs a fortune! Between dealers and highly recommended mechanics, I’ve done brakes at least 8 times and 5 alternators, plus oil pans, radiators, windows, heater fans, timing belt, catalystic converters, and god knows what else and what’s next. I could have bought a nice Camry twice by now.

You Are Welcome. Have You Found A New Mechanic & Shop, Then? Are You Having This Person Replace The Strut(s)?

Did they show you, on your car, what the problem was and did they impress you as being competent, honest, and reasonable? A good shop can save you money over time.