Jeep will not start after replacing rear rotors and pads

I have a 95 jeep grand Cherokee.

I replaced the rear rotors and pads.

Now the jeep will not start. Is it the abs system?

The switch by the brake reservoir was disconnected/broke

Rewired and nothing changed, still will not start does even try to turn over.

A “no-crank” situation is not related to brake work. Did you leave the key on (draining the battery) when you were doing the brake work?

This is either coincidence or–as oldschool stated–the result of draining the battery while working on the brakes.

Get jump start. Be happy!

That was my first thought too.
Put a charger on it and battery is good.
The charger build it up to full strength.

If the battery is up and the car has an automatic transmission maybe the neutral safety switch is on the fritz.

I was just checking the jeep again.
This is what I have noticed, that when I hold the key forward to start the ABS and parking brake light stay on.
When I push the button to change from park to natural I hear a click noise under the steering wheel

OK problem solved.
I guess the starter had a bad ground wire.
I took the start and solenoid out. bench tested it twice everything work.
reinstalled and the jeep started right up.

Thanks for you help