Jeep that keeps stopping


My 1991 Jeep Cherokee will run fine and then suddenly just stop- steering and gas go out, no power. Turn it off and you can then start it again and it might run fine for a few minutes then stop again. I took it to a trusted mechanic and he let it run for a long time but it never shut down so he couldn’t fix anything. i took it home and it ran fine for about 5 days then did it again 3 times within 1 mile. It has gas. The catlytic converter was replaced about 9 months ago. Any ideas?


Try another shop. There are numerous things he could have checked, starting with the fuel line pressure and how stable it is (the pressure regulator). And then he could have put it on a scope to see what’s going on in the ignition system.


When you say the steering and gas go out, no power - I assume you mean the gas guage goes to empty - as if the ignition was turned off? You may have a bad battery - in hte old days batteries used to short out in the cells resulting in low voltage that behaves like a low charge on the battery. The newer batteries sometimes go “open” as if you disconnected it. The condition can be intermittent and would result in the symptoms you describe. Unfortunately the only reliable way to diagnose this is to replace the battery and see if the problem goes away.


this could also be caused by a bad connection in the battery cable or somewhere else.


it turned out to be the fuel pump; when he hooked up a guage it showed low pressure. THANKS