Jeep sounds like a 747 but no power

I’ve a 1998 Jeep Cherokee SE 4.0
In the morning when it’s cold the motor sounds like it’s in high rev but the jeep isn’t really moving all that fast - just more noise than speed. After it warms up it has plenty of pep and can leave rubber.

What is the problem with it?


Do you have an rpm gauge?

Is the engine in fact turning faster than it used to?

Do you have an electric air pump?

Do you have a mechanical fan clutch?

No rpm - it’s the basic model - cassette player and roll up windows
Engine sounds like a higher rpm without the pep - Until it get’s warmed up.
No air pump that I know of
No fan clutch


Many engines rev faster during the first few minutes after a cold start

If the engine sounds like it’s revving but the car isn’t “going,” it sounds like the transmission is slipping. When is the last time you had the transmission serviced (fluid & filter)? Have you checked the transmission fluid level?

I got that part but I’m saying it didn’t act Sluggish as far as taking off when I stepped on the gas. Now it just doesn’t want to move until it warms up. Is there something that affects the torque?

If it doesn’t want to move until it warms up…see what I asked above about your transmission. I’m assuming it’s an automatic, correcf?


How many miles?

While I am no trans rebuilding expert, it sounds like you have hardened seals. When the trans warms up, the seals become more compliant, and all seems okay. Until the next morning.

Sounds like it may be time for a rebuild.

My vote is for the transmission nearing the end.

I’ll get the trans serviced and see if that helps



No flush, please

Use only the proper fluid, as called for in the owner’s manual

Pan drop
Filter replacement
new gasket

Let us know what happens, please