Jeep Rubicon losing power issues driving in a incline (freeway)

Please advise: I have a 2006 Rubicon Wrangler 4.0 (automatic) with 15K miles, excellent cond. When I drive up to the mountains my Jeep loses power to the point I have the gas pedal pushed to the floor, whereas I can jump out of the jeep and run along side of it. When I step on the gas on the freeway going at high speed it dogs down. It runs fine driving around town. I never had this problem before. I don’t think its a transmission problem because I have no engine light coming on. I just checked the Catalytic Converter and that’s ok. I’m lost, I have no clue what it can be. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

Check of the fuel system, esp. Filter. It has very few miles for that age so my guess would be fuel. I looks like it has been sitting for lengthy periods of time and you may need it attended to.