Jeep Liberty Running Cold

Over the last 3 weeks, the temperature gauge needle on my car has slowly but steadily been indicating that it is running colder.It is now about on the 1/4 mark on the cold side. Causes?

You need a new thermostat. It will also improve your MPG as the Jeep’s computer is telling the fuel system to make the fuel/air ratio richer.

Thank you. Since it is a new car I was thinking it would not be a faulty thermostat. Hopefully under warranty.

Have you checked your antifreeze level? If the antifreeze does not immerse the tip of your temp sensor in the fluid then it will not report to you the correct temp of the engine because it is not dipping its finger if you will in the hot or cold fluid…

If you do have the right amount of antifreez…did you have to add any for any reason? If so an Air bubble will cause this…and MUST be removed by bleeding the system. ALso it barely go to 27 degrees here today…but that shouldnt do it…a faulty thermostat can actually cause this as well…they most usually make a car overheat…but they can do the opposite sometimes esp in very cold weather… My guess is that you have an air pocket… Need to know if you have the correct amount of anti freez or if you have had to add any recently.

Thanks. I have not added antifreeze but will check it. It has been very cold recently so that might be a factor. Coincidentally had my oil changed by the dealer not that long ago and wonder if they checked levels.

Aside from the temp gauge not getting as high, are there any actual issues with the way the truck runs? Just because the gauge is different, doesn’t mean that there is an issue. Its probably just really cold where you live right now.

Here’s something to try:

Cover half of your radiator with cardboard.
Then drive it, and see if the temp gauge returns to normal.


thanks. It does not seem to run any differently, but I am definitely getting less heat and defrost output. I may try the cardboard idea.