Jeep Grand Wagoneer water pump


perhaps this is a gambling question.

what are the odds of two new water pumps failing within two weeks of being installed?


Depends on where you’re purchasing the replacement water pumps from.



How are they failing? Noisy or leaking?

If they’re leaking and the leak is not from the shaft seal then my guess is that the installer is missing something.
Possibly a warped flange on the timing cover or some “coolant rot” on the timing cover that is not allowing the pump gaskst to seal properly.
Some of the Ford 5.0s suffered this coolant rot problem on their timing covers and it was often misdiagnosed as a water pump failure.

Another possibility is someone using the Neanderthal approach and overtightening a drive belt if the engine does not use a spring loaded tensioner.


both pumps purchased new from o’reilly’s


IF something (rust, especially) in the coolant caused the water pump seals to fail (again), it could STILL be circulating in the coolant and damaging any new new water pump seals. The coolant should be thoroughly drained, and flushed with fresh water, cleaner, etc.


I have drained and flushed the system, well I did the 1st time around, because I was the one who changed the first one. The 2nd one installed by a shop. I think maybe the 3rd time around I’ll use a different make pump. I’ll also mention that the belts don’t need to be more than snug. Thanks,



I understand that O’reilly’s is a reliable source. Of course anyone can get a bad one.