Jeep Grand Cherokee Woes

I have a '94 grand cherokee V8 w/ 170k mi, recent oil and transmission fluid service.

1. There is an excessive amount of coolant loss with no signs of leaks from the hoses. Oil is clean and no white smoke from tail pipe. I am adding a 1/2 quart a week. Where is it going?

2. When car is on highway it will not up shift out of 3rd gear unless the engine revs up to 5000 rpm then it goes in abruptly. Then it gets hung up and will not downshift from 4th to 3rd. Is there a reason to worry about excessivly high revving engine speeds given the age of the car?

You might need a new radiator cap. It sounds silly, but they do deteriorate and fail to keep pressure, and coolant loss is a symptom. They are cheap.

I don’t know anything about the transmission.