Jeep Cherokee Transmission strange down-shifting

3 questions really

I have a '91 Cheokee with a couple hundred K on it. Bought it used that way. 6 cyl, 4.0 L engine, 4 speed auto, 4WD. The transmission does some things that seem strange, but might not be a problem.

- first thing is that while accelerating in 2nd & 3rd, teh tach doesn’t move much in relatin to the speed. it doesn’t seem like it’s losing power, but acts like a variable ratio.

- 2nd thing is that if I accelerate moderately hard in 4th, it doesn’t just down-shift to 3rd, but all the way to 2nd and then possibly right up to 3rd.

- 3rd is that when in 4th (& only 4th) if I just touch the rake without lifting from the trhottle, it will politely drop down to 3rd & I can keep it there with a little acceleration & lift off the brake.

The first two have been this way since the day I started driving it. the 3rd, I just noticed. Fluid level is ok.

Sorry, "if I just touch the rake " should be "brake’
Yes, I sometimes have gardening implements in the back, but that would have nothing to do with the transmission!