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Jeep Cherokee A/C problem

My 1996 Jeep Cherokee A/C system pushes cold air but out of the defroster vents not the A/C vents. Any idea why this is happening? I suspect it is the slide switches for the A/C system but I am not sure and do not want to take the dash apart before I have some confirmation. I have checked the vacuum hoses with the heater/A/C system and they seem fine.
Thanks for the info.

If you look behind the right side of the front bumper, you’ll find the ventilation system vacuum reservior. It’s a plastic canister with vacuum hoses attached. Make sure the canister isn’t cracked or that a vacuum hose hasn’t become disconnected or rotted off.


I had a suspicion that this might be the issue. I will take a look this week and see how the hoses and the canister are. Thanks for the hint and assistance.