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Jeep 2004 Grand Cherokee ,lifters or exhaust manifold?

I have a 2002 Chrysler with a 3.3 V-6, If I use a Mopar or Fram filter I get lifter noise on startup. If I use a Motorcraft filter, all is quiet. I found this tip on a Chrysler minian forum and it worked for me.

I am totally puzzled. In the AM I crank my jeep up and wait 2 minutes exactly, even timed it and this little sounds , sounds like my main problem only smaller. Sounds like the lifters still! i went to 3 mechanics, where one told me “dont replace the lifters ,because i called jeep and they said it sometime does not help.” I have spent now $ 2,000 in trying to fix this problem, HELP! All i have in there is straight 40 weight oil. I tried 30 weight, it was worse,went back to 40 weight oil. Someone has to have an idea?

@Jeepster1458 refresh my memory, please.
Is the noise related to engine speed?
The fact that 40 weight oil reduced the noise somewhat makes me believe your lifters are TOAST