JB Weld

Anybody have any experience with something like this product? Specifically, I need to close a one inch seam crack in the exhaust. Will a “miracle in a tube” work? I guess not, but . . suggestions? Rocketman

RM - I used stuff once for exactly the same purpose, a cracked manifold on my wife’s Mitsubishi.

It worked will enough but didn’t last long, about a week or so if I remember rightly. I think the expansion and contraction of the manifold crack itself just cracked the JB Weld again.

Similarly this crack was about an inch long and doesn’t make that much noise, it’s more an irritation when the engine is cold. I have been tempted however to slap some more on to see how well it sticks to itself.

I would not put a lot of faith in J.B. Weld on something like this. If it’s even half accessible and not in too bad a location a decent welder should be able to run a bead on that and make it permanent.

Muffler patch would be a better option, however don’t expect anything to be more than temporary. It’s hot there and there’s lots of expansion and contraction.

JB Weld is a great product but it will only temporarily solve this problem just as the other responders say. It does not flex and the excessive heat will cause it to become brittle in about a week. Been there!

Thanks guys! That’s what I was thinking also. The spot is somewhat hard to reach, but I’ll talk to my welder friend this weekend. I hate to cut and patch beyond just a spot fix, but the rest of the exhaust is almost new and replacing this one piece with the seam crack would work if I cut it out and welded in another piece of pipe. Thanks again! Rocketman

If I recall, JB Weld doesn’t recommend using the goo anywhere the temperature gets above 500F. Since the exhaust does get higher than that, it probably isn’t a good idea.

Also, I know from experience… it won’t work…