Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno is taking his Garage show to CNBC this next season. It will be on Wednesday nights at 10PM. I doubt that the YouTube versions of the Garage will show up on the CNBC show, and it will be interesting to find out. Anyone else interested?

Jay has an amazing collection. I might give it a try.

Nice cars with funny jokes; what’s not to like.

His first show guest is Tim Allen , whose movies are painful to watch. I don’t have much hope for the show because of the list of guests I saw. Really glad I have DVR.

I hope he makes an audio mp3 podcast of the episodes available too. No cable tv for me, but I’d enjoy to listen to the audio.

I enjoy the 15-minute clips they have on youtube; if the show’s anything like that, I’m in. Has to be more entertaining than “fast-n-loud!” Jay’s one heck of an interviewer and the stuff he has online really focuses on the car not the owners.

I think the first show on MSNBC is tonight…If it’s about cars, GREAT! Leno has an amazing collection…But if it’s another lame talk show, forget it…

I like Jay Leno and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen him do on cars. He is without question one of the most knowledgeable collectors in the world with one of the biggest collections. The big difference between him and other collectors is that others read about the cars, where as he actually works on them hands on and drives them on the streets. He not only knows how the vehicles work, he knows how they drive and how they feel, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. He loves cars at a level that I’ve never seen before. And he doesn’t BS. He jokes and kids around, while all the time passing on knowledge.

I hope to see his new show.

Jay Leno used to write a column in Popular Mechanics nearly every issue about cars, mostly older classic cars, which I always found interesting. It was usually just a short article, like one or two pages. You got the sense from reading it, he was just talking into a microphone in his normal conversational tone, and what he said, word for word, was transcribed by a typist and became the article. For some reason his column is no longer appearing in the magazine.

It’s on CNBC, not MSNBC.

Jay can walk-the-walk…He not only has a great car collection…he also works on them. Sure he has mechanics that work for him…but he gets hinds dirty. I know a couple people who have car collections…and they wouldn’t know the difference a coil and a distributor. Jay is very knowledgeable…and look forward to his new show.

I’ll watch it. Leno is a real, dyed in the wool car and bike enthusiast; not a poser.

I think it was Popular Mechanics that Leno wrote a piece on regarding machinists. It’s a very fascinating read and he’s dead on with what he wrote.

Yes, Jay Leno is a car guy, a very rich car guy. I lost a lot of respect for him when he lied about how a dealership he worked for turned odometers back with an electric drill. See my post from 14 months ago. http://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2299794/please-jay-leno-dont-lie-to-us/p1

I must note that he is no longer writing a column for Autoweek. Maybe they don’y like liars. Neither is Denise McCluggage because she’s dead. I miss her more. I don’t recall her ever lying in an article.

I had an unscrupulous boss back in the day that used to roll odometers back with a drill. He had a gearbox that the drill was attached to that sped up the process considerably. It whined like nothing else. Using a wire or screwdriver put scratches in the odometer paint which was a dead giveaway for rollbacks.

His youtube series has been very good, but I’m a little nervous about the “celebrity guest” aspect of the CNBC version. This doesn’t need to be another Tonight Show clone that happens to show a car from time to time, and if it’s just Jay driving around with celebrities… Seinfeld already does that in his own very good series (Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee).

One thing I really enjoy about the web series is that most of the time, if he has a guest appear, it’s an expert on whatever car he’s talking about, not some celebrity that we’ve seen on every other late night show already.

btw, Rolling Back an Odometer With a Drill

When I was young in the '50s and '60s turning odometers back with an electric drill was a well-known way for crooks to cheat. And some did. Few faced any repercussions.

@“MG McAnick” - Your assumptions on the link provided that drills don’t run at 2000rpms is WRONG. I own one drill that runs at 2500rpms. Owned it for decades.

@shadowfax, if you watch the first YouTube clear through, and then watch the two that follow, you’ll see how it was (is?) really done. The first one you posted, done with the drill, took quite a while to clock back a couple thousand miles. I’m thinking it may have been filmed to show how NOT to do it. After having the drill partially meshing with the gear on the end of the odometer, I wonder if that odometer could ever work again. Once that guy had the odometer out on the bench, he’d have been better off to do as shown on the next two videos. I still maintain that that is the way it was done.

I guess I missed it but would enjoy seeing it. I had to look a little bit to see what channel CNBC was. Obviously I haven’t spent much time there.

I vaguely remember the bit about Leno working for a dealer who turned back odometers. However, that does not mean that Leno did this and my feeling is that he should not be guilty by association.

Back in the 80s I worked for a Subaru dealer who was big into used car sales and especially the domestic pickup end of it.

He routinely took trucks with 150k miles and swapped the instrument clusters in them out with clusters showing 50-70k miles. These were clusters that he got from his buddy at the late model salvage yard for 45 dollars a pop.
So 45 bucks + an hour of time = another couple of grand on the retail price due to low miles…

I worked there and would have no part in this. So that begs the question; am I a Leno clone for being employed there?