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Jaguar 2000S

My 2000S Jaguar is a V8 with 76,000 miles. In the past few months, it has begun to have engine problems that would be possibly similar to water in the gas tank. It misses on a random basis. The repair shop recommended that I use only Shell super premimun gas. This helped initially, enough so that the repair shop sent me on my way, but the problem remains, regardless of the gas. I have thought of changing the fuel filter and /or spark plugs, if I can find them. Any suggestions?

You might first try running some Techron (max recommended amount) to see if it might clean out the injectors.

I agree with Texas on this one. You should not need and special gasoline to keep the problem away. If the additional cleaner (I believe the fuel specified does have extra cleaner additives) then you should be able to use cleaner to clean it back to normal. Of course there are other possibilities, but this would be a cheap check. I believe SeaFoam is well rated for this kind of problem.

I’d replace the plugs or at least take a look at them if you’re not sure they’re the originals, as well as take care of the fuel filter.

I think it would be smart though to also run a couple of tankfuls of concentrated fuel injector through the car. Techron is a good suggestion, as well as the other premium stuff on the market. Don’t bother with the cheap cleaners-they won’t do much.

Yeah, plugs and wires can do this, I had the plug wires do this to me a few years ago - didn’t expect that! Were the Jag’s plugs replaced at the recommended intervals?

Have you always filled up with premium gas? And, if so, what brand of premium gas do you generally use?

53studes, what’s the recommended mileage for changing the spark plugs, and has it been done before? (see owner’s manual, maintenance section)