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Jacking up a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica

I want higher ground clearance with my 2018 Pacifica Hybrid. Surely there must be a way to Jack it up 4 inches

No, there isn’t. It would screw up the drive axles. Adding tires that are 8 inches bigger in diameter wouldn’t fit the wheel openings.

If you wanted an offroad truck, you shouldn’t have bought a mini-van.


Suspension on vehicles are designed to run on specific angles using formulas to ensure safety and longevity. To lift a vehicle is possible but should only be done by someone with extensive knowledge on how to do it properly. On some vehicles it may not be possible to do it properly. In my opinion, raising a vehicle as new as a 2018 is foolish. There are choices of vehicles that already have higher clearances engineered in them already. I would save lifting vehicles to an older one that can be treated like a toy.

I guess this person is serious and there might be a shop out there that would raise this thing. But say goodbye to the factory warranty . Mr . Mustang is correct , you bought the wrong vehicle to start with.

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There is probably a way to do it as I see minivans that carry people with disabilities jacked up to carry the special equipment that i s needed though it looks goofy as all heck when they have to do it .