Jack to Infiniti

I’m trying to change oil on a 2015 INFINITI Q40. When I jack up one corner of the car, it lifts the whole side if the car and it seems wobbly and unsafe. I am actually putting the floor jack in front of the jack point, so I have room to put the jack stand there. What am I doing wrong? My jack stand is in lowest position, but it is still 16 inches (6 tons) so maybe I just need smaller jack stands? I dunno. How is this supposed to work?

Put a jack stand under both front and rear… Or jack up the other side which will put the rear corner down on the ground. This is showing you how stiff the car’s construction is.

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Ramps are easier to use and safer for this kind of work.


Last time I used ramps, I overshot and fell off. Luckily that was in the jeep. It was high enough nothing got broken. But it shook me up. The Q40 has a lot more zip. So I’m back to jacking.

That happened to a friend I was helping. I learned from his mishap. No harm done except embarassment. And a jack was then the right tool for the job.

Once you get the right combo of jack and jackstands, it can be safely done that way. I still find ramps quicker and more secure for many jobs. Good luck and think safety first first!

As far as I know there should be a jacking point in the front center of the car. It will lift the whole front, leaving the rear on the ground. Might even be listed some where in the manual, that’s how I found them for my Camry.