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I’m an Olds fan too and still have one.

I thought the Achieva was an ugly dog. The Intrigue was a fine midsize family car. It handles well, is comfortable, and provide good performance from an updated OHC engine. The other midsize Pontiac and Buick cars using the same platform used the 3.8L pushrod engine. I opted for the similar Regal in 1998 because of the significantly better side impact ratings (3 small children). And the 3.8 engine pulled quite well except in passing situations.

The Olds Achieva is supposed to kill Honda . . . ?

There were many Honda killers over the years…none are still alive.

The older generation small cars from the Detroit 3 were no match for the Asian imports. Today’s small cars from Ford and GM are better able to compete.

At one point, Rock(head) decided that the name and logo for Oldsmobile were drawbacks, and had them removed from the cars. What a knucklehead.

My son owns an Intrigue, and yeah, it’s actually a pretty decent car.

I still own 2 mid ‘60s Olds’ and 3 Rocket V8s.

Now wait…I used to buy all my cars according to Motor Trend recom. Let’s see…a couple of SAABs, a DeSoto, a Rambler, a Sidekick.

Suzuki Sidekick . . . ?!

The only other “Sidekick” I can think of is that cheesey Chuck Norris movie from the 1980s or 1990s . . . I believe it was called “Sidekicks” . . .


I’ll provide a recent example of why I think Consumer Reports is mostly subjective garbage and this involves the 2013 Toyota Camry if I remember correctly.
“Body Integrity” refers to body panel fit, wind noise, water leaks, squeaks, rattles, etc, etc.
“Body Hardware” refers to nuts, bolts, looseness of same, clips, pins, screws, etc, etc.

CR rated the 6 cylinder 2013 Camry as “Poor” in both areas and rated the 4 cylinder 2013 Camry as “above average” in both areas.

So we’re to believe that the choice of engine determines whether or not the car has water leaks, squeaks and rattles, groans, out of adjustment doors, loose nuts and bolt, broken clips, etc…
That was published with the assumption that the editorial staff was maintaining straight faces throughout the process.

Consumer Reports may not accept advertising but their parent, Consumers Union, does accept donations. One of their donors is George Soros who had very deep pockets and very deep agendas.

Poncho was Cisco’s sidekick.