I've replaced my alternator 5 times

Update to the thread, PCM was flashed and updated which resulted in a fix so far. If anything happens I’ll keep you updated. Thank you everyone for the help.

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Perfectly fine until this morning. Car stalled and the problem persists. Just letting you guys I’m just going to get rid of the car at this point. When I got it back she was perfect. Probably the brand new battery I dropped in it before I put it in.

Flashing a PCM will not repair a defective alternator field winding driver. You have to replace the PCM as the electronics are in the entire unit. Then flash that to get your vehicle’s specific program into the ROM.

Has this car been in an accident? Check to see if the fan is running backward.

They told me aftermarket alternators don’t work and told me to put in a mopar alternator. I think I’m just getting railroaded hard at this point and no one really wants to fix it and just want money. They see an opportunity to just make money. Just how I feel at this point.

I’ve also one ly had the car for 18 months and put 20k miles on it and everything under the sun needs to be repaired

who is “They”? Are they willing to guarantee a ‘Mopar’ alternator will work?

Many years ago, I got a rash of bad alternators from Delco. Several trucks, even different type alternators. I was replacing them, under warranty, every couple months. I found a local shop to rebuild mine, and never had another issue.

I went form the dealership I bought the car from to a different dealership. I’ve tried finding a shop that rebuilt them but I’m from new hampshire and the last shop I know of went out of buisness.

I have run into this. I eventually took the Dodge van to the dealer. They checked it out and said the battery was at fault. Although the battery was new it would not fully take a maximum charge. They installed a Chrysler brand battery and their brand alternator which they said was better than knock offs or remains. 2 years now doing fine

The best advice I can give you here is to go get a second or third opinion at other garages.