Iv never had this happen... what could b the prablem?

Ok so im driving andmy batt light comes on. About 10 mins later the car looses all electrical power but the motor is still running. I cant get forward movement unless im running at very high rpms. Anything under 4k rpms its like im in nutral. So i pull over shut the car off. Trying to restart it and its doing nothing like it would if batt was dead. About 10 mins later starts just fine and drives just fine… for a few miles… then it does it agean. Its now happened six times in a row… to me it sounds like an alternator, batt and trans prablem… but i really have no clue… any help would b great

Please Introduce Your Vehicle. What Is The Make, Model, And Model-Year?

Also, Please Provide Any Other Helpful Information, Such As The Age Of The Battery.

WE might have a clue if you tell us the year, make model and mileage of you vehicle.

Very common prablem with the 1911 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. You might try a Rolls Royce specific forum.

The Rolls Royce web site requires proper spelling and grammar. Stuffy English anyway.

I would lean toward an alternator problem. The reason your transmission is acting the way it is is because there is probably not enough voltage to operate the transmission solenoids. I’ve seen nearly discharged batteries briefly recover when allowed to “rest” for a few minutes. You need to have the alternator tested for output and also get the battery recharged and load tested. It’s very unlikely there is anything wrong with your transmission.

I agree with you Volvo, this is annoying text-speak at best. Proper spelling and grammar although not required, would make our understanding the question easier. Also, maybe a few details about the vehicle would help the other posters to comment about the problem. How about it OP? Post back and give us a chance. There are some pretty good folks who post on this forum. Rocketman

I agree with @“MY 2 CENTS” . The alternator appears to be intermittent or there is a problem with the main charging lead tied between it and the battery. Have battery checked also to make sure it is in good shape. You don’t want to install a new alternator and connect it to a marginal battery.

So it cranks ok when you try to start it when this is occurring? Then what does it do? It cranks, but doesn’t catch and run?

I had a similar problem with my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Never a starting problem and no warning lights. I drove it home from work and the next morning it would crank but not start. I figured it was an ignition or fuel problem. I had it towed to my trusted independent mechanics. The 4+ year old battery was bad. They replaced it, cleaned cables, and tested charging system. I asked why it would crank but not start? If I remember correctly it had something to do with the computer not energizing the ignition if the battery voltage was below 10.8 volts. The Jeep went 6 more years and 80,000 miles without a hiccup.

Interesting @sgtrock21 … Though it seems a sketchy design if the Jeep ignition system won’t produce a healthy spark when the battery voltage is below 10.8 volts. That battery voltage wouldn’t be uncommon during cranking even with a battery in pretty good condition. Especially in cold weather.

Some Powertrain control modules won’t operate when the voltage is below 10 volts by design to protect itself. Modern starter motors only draw between 100 and 150 amps, cranking voltage is normally 11.5 + volts.

GeorgeSanJose: 10.8 volts is what I remember 20 years later. The actual voltage stated could have been anything. Now days I’m lucky to remember what I had for dinner yesterday.

Ok well i have a 05 malibue classic. Ya sry my spelling and grammer sucks lol. But just found out it was the alternator. Thx for the help