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It's Smart Not Having A Back Seat ! Huh?


Where do you put golf clubs ?

Just buy a Mini Cooper


I have always thought these should just be called “dumb” cars. At least for most people.

Its not that I wouldn’t actually own and drive one of those tin cans. But if I did it should be getting 66/82 mpg - rather than the 33/41 it is rated for. Either that or it should be all electric (tho I think you can get them that way).

My Escort wagon has room for 4 (5 if the 3 in the back are really skinny and like each other a lot) and all of their golf clubs and gets 33mpg. dumb car is the only thing I can think of whenever I see one. I see several around the road of central VA - lots of rural hwy, interstate, suburban city style driving. I can just never figure what the upside was b/c it isn’t energy efficiency.

I’d look at one of those if I lived & needed a car in an older walking city (including most European cities) - easy to park & fit down those tight streets.

I’m with Cig on this. About the time these were coming out, 2005, I read the mileage estimates and was stunned by how disappointing they were. My brand new Corola was getting an honest 38 highway and was a real car with real utility value.

In truth, people buy them 'cause they’re cute. That’ll fade when people realize that the cuteness comes with a price premium and a severe compromise in utility. There are other cars out there, real csrs, that cost less, get better mileage, and are actually usable for everything you need a car for.

I found cig’s reply funny because my wife and I have always called them dumb cars for the same reasons posted in this thread. The commercial is pretty funny, though.

You don’t want to play golf in the rain so,
You may even not have to rent a golf cart, but as always try to avoid sand traps!

I want to know how many clowns can fit inside.

dead or alive? :stuck_out_tongue: