It's not a junkyard, not a salvage yard, not an auto recycler

But now they’re called "automotive reverse manufacturing plants."

I ran across a job ad today that was looking for automotive-related employees. The job title was “Parts Remover” at a growing, fast-paced automotive reverse manufacturing plant. “If you like cars you’ll love this job and learn key automotive skills on all makes and models.”

I can’t wait to see what kind of creative names they will come up with next.


Make’s you curious what kind of mind altering drug’s they were on.

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Job opening for an associate engineer reporting to the assistant manager for metallurgy.

I love it when everyone at Walmart is an associate but then they still treat them like bottom feeders. Ah a rose by any other name . . .


When I was driving a school bus, we were requires as part of a training day before school started, to attend an assembly in the school auditorium. New teachers and administrative staff were introduced and applauded. We were paid to be there, but no one introduced the new bus drivers. The principal introduced one lady and said she was the director of media resources and student interface facilitator.

Not even the teachers applauded because they did not know if he was done or just pausing for breath. They were also trying to decipher the job title.

After a very awkward silence, he said this job used to be called the librarian. Then they all broke out in applause.

After I was there a few years they noticed the drivers and mechanics were no longer applauding the new teachers and they stopped making us come.

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I pick things up and put them down.

My specialty is counterclockwise fastener disengagement…

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Commodity relocation specialist (AKA) truck driver.

Engineers & scientists will sometimes take a product apart to see how it works. That process is called “reverse engineering”.

[quote=“Bing, post:3, topic:151379”]'n love it when everyone at Walmart is an associate but then they still treat them like bottom feeders
It’s Walmart . . . that’s all the explanation you need

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Before I went out on the road I was a city driver for a large Canadian trucking company with a terminal in the Buffalo area.

I reported to work one morning and there was a brand new dispatcher at the city window. He gave me a trailer# which I could tell was a 20 ft sea container and told me to go to goodyear Vinyl plant in Niagara falls. I asked him what I was getting there and he told me to just do what I was told. I said I was only trying to help him.

He informed me that he was not only a dispatcher, he had a degree in transportation engineering, that he would never need any help from a driver and if the company wanted me to dispatch, they would not have hired him.

I said not a word, went to the falls and was 7yh in line to get to the dock at Goodyear. When I called the dispatcher he wanted to know how long I would have to wait. I told him I couldn’t hazard a guess because I had not even finished high school. About 3 hours later I got a space at the dock and the shipping supervisor who knew me well asked me why I was there with a 20 foot trailer when we always filled up a 40+’ one.

I told him to call the trucking company and ask at city dispatch for the transportation engineer. I headed back to get the right size trailer. It took about 20 minutes and our “transportation engineer” was fired before I got there.

I was offered a job as a dispatcher after I quit my previous trucking company but they only wanted to pay $10 a week more that a drivers 40 hour pay and I knew the dispatchers were salaried and frequently worked 12 hour days and never less than 10. I couldn’t afford the pay cut and it would have taken me out of the Teamsters pension plan.


Only half of the time. The other half is clockwise fastener engagement. It’s a satisfying job with Yin and Yang in equal measure.