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It's just surface rust

I’m looking at a new-to-me 2009 GMC sierra 1500. Everything looks good but my current 2004 vehicle has no where near the amount of rust I can easily see on the frame of this truck. No rust on the body and all wires I checked looked OK. The previous owner lived in Rhode Island, I’m assuming by the shore. Is this likely to be a problem in the long term (ie truck falling apart in 10 years due to rust)? Pics attached. The salesman says “It’s just surface rust” when asked about it.


I would think these trucks are very common, I wouldn’t buy one with potential rust issues, even though it’s not a serious problem right now.

Steer clear…From what I see, the corrosion around the upper “A” frame mounting points is a lot more than “surface rust”…

Understand, this truck was built as GM slid into bankruptcy…It looks like rust-proofing went by the wayside…It also looks like it was used at a marina, launching and recovering boats on a salt-water boat ramp…

I live about 8 miles from the ocean. My 2000 Blazer does not have near the rust of the 2009. I wonder if this truck was in a tidal flood.

Ed B.

The “salesman” is just trying to sell a vehicle by outright lying. The rust on this vehicle is a long way from surface rust. Steer clear of this deal and that salesman. I think this truck sat in the water for some length of time.

The truck is too new to have rust on it, especially that much. Find another Silverado.

The words “Surface Rust” caught my eye. That’s the diagnosis that the "experts’ came up with at the Aloha Stadium here in Honolulu. Sounded good to the politicians. Since the salt water is nearby (Pearl Harbor) , unprimed metal should be an obvious red flag. Oh well…what’s another million or two. Rust is like cancer…wouldn’t want it on our "surface "

As long as the so called surface rust has started form the surface you can see, just scape it with a pen knife, probe it with a nail or something sharp. If it isn’t deep and you can see clean fresh metal after scraping, there is no problem. The paint on frames is really poor and flakes and scratches easily from grit and grime kicked up while driving and subject to some rusting within months.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the condition of the frame for this year. But, even surface rust can eventually weaken a frame member if neglected long enough. Car makers count on it happening even though the prevention is cheap and easy. If that’s all there is and you buy it, just paint a little red grease with a foam brush on the affected areas and drive on. Everyone who thinks this much rust on the frame of a 2009 truck just hasn’t looked under anything but cars without exposed frames…it’s not unusual by any means.

The pic of the frame rail didn’t look to bad, but the pic of the front wheel well showed more than surface rust on the spring, and the mounting for the suspension. I don’t think I have any more rust on my '01 Sequoia which has always been in NE PA where winter salting is commonplace.

A bunch of guys can look at pictures and render opinions, but if you are really interested in this truck take it to a trusted body shop for a good appriasal. To me, that amount of rust shows a lot of miles and use in salted winter roads. Seems like a lot of rust for an '09.

It’s more than surface rust.
BUT…salesmen typically don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to vehicles and whats right or wrong with them.
It’s always surface rust, not a big deal or just needs an adjustment if it means a sale.

Thanks everyone, I’m going to play it safe and let this one go.