It can't be my breath

Okay, so what am I doing wrong here? Dealers I’ve contacted by e-mail keep calling, calling, calling my cell phone telling me to call them back or come in. I don’t WANT to call them back (have limited minutes) or come in (limited time); I e-mail them telling them I’ve decided to just order an '09 and to let me know when I can place that order and what price they can offer me on a car with the options I want. Never a reply. Huh?

I’m new to this “new car” game; what’s their deal?

We did just what you did via internet. You need to find a dealer who is internet savvy and who has a salesman who understands that you don’t want a hard sell. On the other hand, you will have to provide a down payment, so you will probably have to go to the dealership to sign the order and pay the deposit. Another option is to find a no-haggle dealer in your area, who will quote you his bottom line price. This all assumes you could provide exactly the info they need to process a special order for your 09. If you were not precise enough, then they could not provide you with a proper estimate without talking to you.

Also look at Costco or Sam’s auto sales programs if they offer one in your state. This provides a no-haggle price deal for you, without the normal BS.

In case you haven’t figured it out, only provide you email address in the future, never a phone contact number, and they are forced to deal with you via email. Providing a cell phone number guarantees phone calls from salesmen.

I believe my phone number was a “required field” on the link I used to contact multiple dealers at once, although in my message, I asked them to e-mail rather than call. Just let it go to voice mail and then delete it, not returning the calls; think they’d get the message? But no… Was very specific about wanting to order an '09 with such-and-such features (down to the color), but seems I have to chase them down to get a price quote or estimated date of availability… Is there not even a brochure out yet???

The difference in technique may be that I don’t go thru or other similar websites. I got the dealer’s email from his own website. If you got to you can “build” your own car with “invoice” pricing with the edmunds tool. It has a catalog of features and options, so I think it may provide what you are looking for, in terms of utility and features/options listings, with associated costs.

I went through the same thing last year when we bought my wifes Lexus. They REFUSED to deal on the internet…They want to push the hard sell. They just don’t understand. As more and more dealers go to internet sales…they’ll run the conventional out of business or force them to do the same. I really see no need for a car salesman. It’s a job long past it’s usefullness.

Tell them you just bought a car and what kind you bought. They stop then.

I’ve popped off a few emails to the internet salesman at Chesrown in Delaware, Ohio and it takes him about 2 or 3 days to get back to me. My email had been on their list, so they sent a promo offer of employee pricing on the remaining 08 inventory and new 09 Vibes(8/18). I asked(8/18 after business hours) for an out the door quote on a G8 GT with the only option being the leather interior, no sunroof, no sport package and no upgraded radio. He emailed me back(8/21) saying he had a red and a black one in stock and out the door was just over $31k. I countered saying that I wanted either an orange or blue one with just the leather package. If I get an email today, I’ll be surprised.
Since I will probably be buying in a year or so, it’s a good idea to keep in contact with a few places so I know if I needed to buy it sooner, I know what I’m getting into