Isuzu axiom engine



2002 Isuzu Axiom developed nasty, loud engine noise. Mechanic thought it was lifters, but, after installing, thinks it might be more and needs a new engine. Car is in good shape w/150,000 mi We put in a rebuilt trans last summer, but we’re wondering if it’s worth putting in the new engine, too.


Yes, that’s a tough call: to repair or to replace? Get a second opinion and a price for repair, and the price of replacement. Then…decision time.


You made the wrong decision with the transmission…Why do it again?


He is my second opinion and says $3450 for new engine and install. That doesn’t include $1200 I already paid for new lifters, oil pump, etc. If I decide not to do it, do you think I should lose that $1200 with nothing to show for it?


I already paid $1200 for new lifters, oil pump, etc. Do you think I should have to pay for a repair job that didn’t work?


I don’t recall if this particular model and year are affected, but Isuzu had some serious problems with some of their V6’s in the late 90’s/early 00’s. There was a problem with the piston ring design that allowed carbon deposits to get stuck in them. The result is an annoying ticking sound (which sounds very much like lifter noise) and high oil consumption. Actually fixing it requires taking the engine apart, but the problem itself is not terminal-- so long as you keep the oil topped off and don’t mind the noise it’ll keep ticking along (so to speak) for a long long time.

When I frequented Isuzu circles, there were some sort of “folk cures” for it. Some people swore that a can of Seafoam in the crank case a few miles before an oil change would help it, but that may be wishful thinking. Also running a diesel-grade 5w-40 oil seems to keep the noise and consumption down a bit and supposedly the better detergent package might help the problem a little. But again, I’d take that with a grain of salt and since that stuff is expensive it might be cheaper to throw a case of regular old 5w-30 in the trunk.

But, again, they fixed it somewhere around your model year so it could be that your rig isn’t affected, but it might be something to do some research on.