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Issue with 2003 Toyota Corolla

I currently have a 2003 toyota corolla, 130,000 miles. I recently got into a fender bender and bought it to an auto body in which in took them an excessive 38 days to repair, so its been sitting around in the cold not moving for quite a while.

I just picked it up yesterday morning and by last night the check oil light came on. It is also making an extremely loud noise - almost sounding like a card in a bicycle, just a lot more intense. I can not drive it more then 10 mph without this noise and light coming on. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or suggestions what this could be and costs if possible.

Oil levels as well as other fluids have been checked and added if needed.

I’d hate to junk it because it’s in great condition and has never given me problems but I dont want to put a whole lot of money into an old car.


Now take it to a mechanic, and have the vehicle inspected to determine if there is any mechanical damage from this,


I didn’t take it to a body shop for 3 weeks after the accident and was driving it around just fine. Issues started 8 hours after I picked it up.

Then take it back to the body shop, and ask that they recheck their work.


Then the body shop might have damaged a sensor or wire. Likewise with the noise, might be a loose body panel, or any number of things. I would give the body shop a chance at the repair. I would think their work should be covered under some sort of warranty.
Good Luck