Is VSA in Honda good for driving in the snow?

“So you don’t have to go to work when it snows?”

Forgot to mention I bike to work ~1mi. I walk it on snow days.

Back when I drove to work ~21mi here in the DC area we’d get maybe one big winter storm a year that would keep my FWD car off the road for 1-2 days.

There’s a grocery and drug store 6 blocks away I can walk to. Anything else I can blow off for a day or two.

If I were in your shoes, I would be shopping for a car instead of an SUV. They are harder to roll. I would also get something with VSA (or its equivalent ASM- automatic stability management).

At the risk of offending you…I think you are wrong. Acceleration is not a safety feature. If you find yourself in icy/snowy conditions, trying to get ahead of everyone else is a good way to cause a pileup.

Tires are 98% of winter driving. Four REAL WINTER TIRES (e.g. Blizzaks) NOT all-season tires are the key to winter driving and more important than AWD or 4WD. I’d drive my RWD BMW with four good winter tires over a Subaru with all-season tires any winter.