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Is this true: SKIM Replaced, Remote Starter Wont Work Without Buying ByPass

You guys were on the money with a previous question. Here’s another.

In the summer, my Jeep suddenly wouldn’t start. Seemed like the key was dead. Dealer told me it was the SKIM module that needed replacing.

When I got the Jeep back, the factory Jeep Remote Start did not work. It would start up for a moment and turn off, start again, turn off and actually set the alarm off as well.

I called the dealer who checked with the technician who reported he didnt re-program the remote start because I didnt give him the remote start fob. This was untrue as the fob is on the key chain with my keys.

Dealer said his tech must “be lying” and asked to bring it in any time for a quick re-program. Tried to do that two or three times but the one guy with the knowledge was never there.

I ended up letting it go until the weather turned. I made an appt (as I had two other items for them to look at). They now tell me that the reason the Remote Start doesn’t work is because once the SKIM is replaced, you need a new “by pass” to make the Remote Start work. Nearly $400 for this.

I allowed him to order the part but Im suspicious. Is this fair and reasonable?

Thank you kindly.

If this is your 12 year old Jeep and everything works but the remote starter I would not spend $400 for a part plus labor.

Yes, sorry should have stated. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Living in the great white north, I’m likely to spend the money if need be to have a working remote start. But since the dealer didnt seem to think there was any problem re-programming it initially, Im suspicious of the sudden reasoning.