Is this still legal to drive?

I woke up to my car like this. Lights still work and it latches. Can I get pulled over while driving it?

If all of your lights work ( turn signals and brake lights ) yes you can drive it . Getting stopped is unlikely . Just look around you and you will see that you are not the only damaged vehicle on the road.

It should be fine to drive for a little while, though you’ll need to get that 3rd brake lamp replaced ASAP because it’s required equipment. But before you move it, make sure you get the cops to come out and document it. That’s a very distinct imprint on the sheet metal - someone might be able to figure out what would have left that mark and that could lead you to whoever did this.


I’ve seen much worse.

You need to call the state police in Texas to find out for sure.

Is there a trailer hitch under that bumper? If there is, it would be an easy place to install a third brake light.

It is possible the light still works. Good luck with repairs, drive on.

I wonder if that would be legal.

Your idea would work but it is my understanding the 3rd is suposed to be higher than the other brake light’s.

I don’t think it would be.



center high mounted stop lamp

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