Is this an independent Mechanic?


Technically it’s a chain, but only Local. They have several locations here in town.

I was considering having some work done there and just wanted to know if it would be a good bet ? Thanks.


I would consider them such since they are still family owned. To me number of shops opened (not franchised) indicates that the management and ownership is successful in repairing cars and meeting customer needs. Many times, good quality shops and mechanics don’t want to overreach and screw up their high standards by delegating quality control to some one else. Hence, the smaller shops and one location. If the owners adequately communicate their standards and customer service response “culture” to their employees, then I see no issue. A good test is to have them do a relatively small job like brakes and see how it goes.


I’d consider them an independent shop. As JayHawk said, they’re family owned and (my impression is) operated. That’s important to me, because the owner has unhindered latitude to correct any problems and a true vested interest in doing so.

I like the points he chose to focus on in his website. I’d hope that he is as good as his site is.


Thanks for the responses, the [Independent] shop I usually go to won’t touch the Carb in my old Honda, so i’m trying to find a mechanic who is willing to do an adjustment/cleaning on the old thing before winter rolls around.


Carbs generally mean you need to find an older mechanic, over 40 and maybe even over 50 today. Newer guys aren’t well trained in their peculiarities. I would talk to the owner and either ask him if he can do the job, or recommend someone he trusts.


Is the carb malfunctioning in some way? If not, I’d leave it alone.

By the way, your “usual shop” should be credited with knowing and staying within their limitations. That’s a sign of honesty.