Is this 25mA or 250mA?

Is this 250mA or 25mA?
I’m tracking down a parasitic draw and was watching a YouTube video and the guy had the same reading as I do. He said it was 25mA which is fine. People in the comments say it’s 250mA. I think it’s 250mA but now I’m not sure.
BTW, I set the meter to 200m and tried it but just got a blank screen.
Who is right? Thanks.

Looks like 0.25 amps = 250 mA to me.


250mA to me, too. That is why it won’t read on the 200 mA scale.

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Yeah, that’s what I figured. Thanks.

Maximum 10 seconds of measuring with a 15 minute break in between is quite an extreme limitation of the 10 Amp unufused connection!

The center socket for the lead is for milliamps, the fuse may be already blown.
When you make the initial connection with the meter, the amp draw usually starts at 2 to 3 amps, then drops below 1 amp in a few seconds. You need to connect the meter to both negative connections before disconnecting the battery to prevent the initial connection surge.

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Good to know. Thanks!