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Is the rover worth keeping?

My college son is driving a 1993 land rover defender that we maintain and he loves. Dad thinks he should trade in for a safer car with airbags. what do you think? Should I keep it as the Mom car ?

Defender’s change hands for substantial sums, so if you decide to part with it sell it yourself, don’t trade it.

In good state that Defender is worth somewhere between $15 - 35,000 US depending on condition, color and other factors.

That point aside, if your son loves the car why not let him keep it provided you don’t mind the occasional hefty maintenance bill.

Agree; the Defender is the military spec version model of the Land Rover, and the only one worth keeping. It’s well built, if somewhat unsophisticated. I would keep it since it will last a long time.

Let the kid drive it. If he is a good driver, the likelihood of him having a serous accident is very low.

Did you really mean to post that you care more about your adult Son’s safety than your Wife’s ?

Assuming you mean a 110 (the only defender in '93), if you ever decide to get rid of it for a good price (and it’s not too rusty), you’ll sell it in about half an hour… Seriously.