Is rain bad for rust?

I just bought a 1990 honda accord with a good bit of rust on it. the car’s originally from Boston but in Southern california where I live I don’t really have to worry about the rust getting worse. However, I would like to take the car up to university with me in Vancouver where the climate is a alot wetter. I would think that water would be bad for the rust but I’ve been told it’s only the salt on the roads that’s a problem. Vancouver doesn’t get much snowfall so I don’t have to worry about salt. will the rain in vancouver worsen my cars condition?

Yes, rain will accelerate rust, now that it’s started. Not as bad as salt, but it’ll still go faster in Vancouver than SoCal.

Yes, once rust has set in, frequent rains will accelerate its spread. Not that there’s that much to worry about. Tis car has lived beyond its normal lifespan and it will continue to serve you as long as you can keep it running.

Vancouver is not as good as where you are, but it really is not bad. It is far far better than Boston.

Don’t worry about. Your car has outlived its life especially for the New England area. Enjoy its last days until it corrodes apart.

Like others posted, once rust starts it continues no matter what the conditions. The only difference is climate is the pace it continues at.

One other thought - you might want to have it checked to make sure the rust isn’t affecting important areas, like where the suspension parts attach.

Tis car has lived beyond its normal lifespan

What do you consider a normal lifespan for this car?? I can’t count all the 90’s or even 80’s Accords around here…HUNDREDS of them.