Is my Toyota Camry 2012 Totaled?

walk away from that car. it will never be the same.

I’ve seen simple sideswipes result in a $7,000 repair bill. I would be astounded and suspicious if this repair estimate didn’t exceed the value of the car by a longshot. There’s a whole lot of damage to this vehicle.

“There’s a whole lot of damage to this vehicle.”
After getting a little better look at the photos, I agree with that. The passenger side seems to be more severe than the driver’s side.

The Other Consideration When Deciding Between Repair Or Total Loss Does Have To Do What You Can’t See Or Know, After An Estimate Evaluates What Can Be Seen And Known.
Sometimes the car needs to be cut into a little or parts removed prior to an estimate.

In a fairly close decision, an insurance company or an individual doesn’t want to take the chance that expensive missed or hidden damage shows up, things we couldn’t be sure about, what insurance adjusters called “opens.” Find a cracked transmission case after beginning repairs and it can be a whole different ballgame. That can weigh on a decision.

Neither a verdict of “totaled 3X over,” nor “repairable” would shock me, but I’ve lost touch with car values and repair costs. I’m sure a proper decision will be rendered.


We had a family friend that bought a brand new Dodge. The car wasn’t a month old when the family was on a trip and the car was hit head on on a 2 lane highway by a drunk driver. Fortunately, they survived the accident but the drunk had no insurance. Our friend’s collision insurance elected to repair the car rather than total it out. After the repair, there was no end to problems. An engine bearing went out. The transmission developed a terrible growling noise. The dashboard dropped. The car looked great after it came back from the body shop, but there was so much damage that the car should have been totaled. The car, by the way, was a 1948 Dodge. Our friends traded it in 6 months later for a new 1949 Mercury. This, of course happened when I was 7 years old, but it stuck in my mind that if the damage is bad, move on.
We have had only one car that was declared a total. That car was a,1988 Taurus. Our son had the car when he was in college. He loaned the car to a family that attended the church where he was working part time. That family was taking their daughter back to her campus after a fall break and the car was hit head on by an elderly driver who got out of her lane. I never saw the car after the accident, but when the insurance called it a total, I didn’t argue. I have a fear of a car that has been in a bad accident and repaired.

“Sometimes Having An Agent In A Brick & Mortar Insurance Agency Can Help.”

Expressing the desire for a “total” outcome to the agent could be relayed to the adjuster. To insurance companies it’s about the money, but they are humans, too. My agent has been in business for along time and she has helped me many times with insurance matters.

I’d get involved early, rather than later.

This is a decision that will be made by the insurance company and/or adjuster, I don’t see your opinion (or ours) being considered in any way. Am I missing some part here? Did the insurance folks ask your opinion? Rocketman

From what I have seen, when airbags are involved, there is major inclination to total the car. Getting them right is a bit tricky apparently.

Has to do with the cost. Airbags cost about $2000 EACH to replace (depending on car). A car with 4 airbags that go off at the same time…that’s $8000 for airbags along.

He had no scratches or anything wrong in the front OR the rear. Just a trailer hitch bent slightly

That guy should check for frame damage…If the accident was hard enough to bend the trailer hitch…it could easily cause frame damage.

GEICO totaled it today. Not sure on the specifics yet as I’m meeting the adjuster tomorrow to sign over papers. He will hand over a declaration of loss and I’m on to a dealership. After seeing the guy’s Jeep that I hit…I’m kinda diggin’ one of those right now.

I am glad you had gap insurance because there is no way you car was worth anything close to that. I only paid 21 for mine 4 years ago.

Thanks for posting back, it helps us know and learn.

I think it is best for you and everybody else on the road that this car goes to rest somewhere in car heaven. I am hoping, it would not show up on craigslist 3 months later with the ad saying “Salvage title due to fender bender”.

Sorry, I’d say you were tailgating. If the car in front of you stops suddenly and you can’t stop in time, that is the definition of following too closely.

You were lucky to not be injured.

I wouldn’t recommend going to a Jeep from a Camry, you’ll likely be disappointed with the reliability.

Lets not beat this guy up, on the freeway in heavy traffic, who isn’t tailgating? But @RL45401, are you sure you hit the vehicle in front of you before you were hit from behind? I was involved in an accident once where for a moment, I thought I had hit the truck in front of me, although I was sure I had stopped in time.

I was knocked out momentarily from the accident and I learned that I had stopped in time, but a driver two cars back had plowed into the line and accordioned us together. The guy in front of me had just taken delivery on his truck and hadn’t gone 50 feet from the dealers lot yet.

Just because 90% of drivers tailgate, that does NOT make it OK.

It’s not called tailgating.

It’s called Drafting!


"Just because 90% of drivers tailgate, that does NOT make it OK."
Exactly right!
That said, I have commuted on crowded expressways where if you leave a car-length of space between you and the car ahead, it will be filled with a car, in an instant, like it or not.

CSA, yeah I used to be annoyed at that, but now I just back off more. A few minutes later arrival means zilch.

Well holier than thou @BillRussell, I hope you stay in the right lane.

No I don’t. And I almost always stay the proper distance behind the car in front. And haven’t had an accident in 40 years. Only in the passing lane where needed.