Is low mileage bad for modern engines?


As much as I love modern high compression engines, our actual usage is down to about 3500 miles per year, most of which is medical appointments and other senior activities. We currently drive a 2015 Forester that gives us ample carrying space for routine shopping and the occasional large item purchase (e.g.: lawn mower, generator, etc.). I’m told that low mileage is not good for modern engines and would appreciate your insight on future vehicle purchase for this senior couple. I would like to keep that carrying space, but not essential…


What’s the rationale behind that??? If you do mostly short distance driving where the engine doesn’t get a chance to heat up the whole way, just change your oil every 6 months…


The person who told you that is wrong. If you like the car, keep the car.

As @pyrolord314 posted, just change your oil on time - 6 months - rather than mileage.


Who ever told you that , don’t ask them any more questions . All you need to do is go buy the time of service in your manual instead of mileage.