Is it worth replacing an engine - 2002 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty with about 105,000 miles. The car was driven with out oil or coolant - I know - not good. I was not driving - but the driver swears no engine light came on.

I paid $7500 for the car in 2008.

The shop is saying $4500-$5000 for an engine replacement.

Is it worth redoing the engine? Should I sell it with out an engine and get something else? I love the car but if I am going to spend $5k then maybe I should put that into something newer?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Have you checked with an independent shop about the possibility of using a boneyard engine?

yep - the $4500 is a quote from a shop in VT. The car is in VT. I am in PA. I am having my shop check on a price - but then there is also a cost to get it back to PA>

The dilemma is that you will be spending 5K on a car that may be barely worth 5K with the used engine installed. This is a truly tough decision. Unless this vehicle is in absolute perfect shape and you have a level of confidence that the car can last (with used engine of some unknown quality/maintenance records) 25K miles or more, I think I would not repair it and walk.

thanks. Do you think I can get anything for it? Is a car with out an engine worth trying to sell or should I just donate it somewhere?

That’s way too high for a boneyard engine.

You might want to get it home and see what’s available locally.

You can ask whoever has possession of it in Vermont, but knowing your situation and knowing that you can’t come retrieve it very well, nor move it somewhere to get a better offer, the offer will be low, or non-existent. I would take what I could get and move on.

There is no possible way that quote is for a used engine. That has to be an estimate for a new or rebuilt motor. A used motor, installed, should probably run closer to $2000. If a shop wants 5 grand to install a used engine in a Jeep Liberty, you need to avoid that shop at all costs.

A long block shouldn’t be that much and installation would be over the top at what’s left over in costs. The labor and mark up on that is somewhere in the $2500+ range. @$250/hour it won’t take anyone worth paying that long to do the job. Rent a dolly. Tow home. Find starving capable wrench.