Is it worth fixing?

I have a 1999 Chevy Malabu which we had to fix the intake gaskets which cost about $500. Now the oil pump has went out of it. The mechanic want another 500 to fix that part. Is this car worth fixing or is this motor just a problem looking for a place to happen again?

Unless there are other problems you haven’t listed, $1K to gain a substantial amount of extra miles out of a 1999 model year is a good deal to me. These are both realy one time repairs for this car. It is almost always cheaper to fix than to buy a new set of problems when you buy another well-used car. If you have properly maintained the car and it has not been abused, you should get plenty of trouble-free miles out of this car. Gauge overall condition of the car, the car mileage, how you have kept it up maintenance-wise, and your own financial condition. Then make your decision.

What else can you buy for $500 that will be as good as the Malibu? If you just want a new car, fix the oil pump and sell the car.