Is it worth fixing so I can hit 200K or just call it quits

i have a GMC Jimmy and I would like to know if is my 96 GMC Jimmy is worth fixing or thank it for all it years of service.
The check engine came on. I took it to my neighborhood O’reilly auto part store for a Check engine reading.
The came up with these readings:
1- Trouble Code: p0440 Code definition: EVAP SYSTEM, No Flow During Purge? Ok I know that this could be caused by a hole in my gas tank.
2- Trouble Code:p0147 Code definition: Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 3) Heater Circuit Malfunction the Reported fixes sounds like they could be expensive one calls for replacing engine?
3- Trouble code: p0340 Code definition: CMP Sensor Circuit Malfunction this one also sounds expensive with the Reported fixes like replace Camshaft position sensor.

Could any mechanics give me a suggestion about these issues.



Don’t get rid of the Jimmy just yet . . . none of these fault codes sound very drastic

P0440 . . . evaporative system leak. Might just be a bad fuel filler cap. Look at the seal, is it rotten? If you need to get it checked with the smoke machine, it’s not a big deal, either

P0147 . . . the heater circuit for the downstream oxygen sensor is probably burnt out. Not unexpected for a 19 year old truck. Just replace the sensor, after making sure the heater circuit is getting power and ground.

P0340 . . . the camshaft position sensor may have failed. Pretty easy to replace, I believe.

The downstream oxygen sensor and the cam sensor are not expensive. Probably less than $150 for both. I’m talking parts only, by the way. But the labor involved isn’t too bad, so those costs shouldn’t be outrageous, either

As for the evap system, have the shop hook up the evap/smoke machine and test the system. They’ll probably find the problem quickly. After replacing the leaking part, have them retest the system, to make sure it holds. Should take only a few minutes. Any good mechanic would verify the repair, anyways

Has it been taking longer to start? If so, that is probably because of the cam sensor

Good luck, and please let us know what happens!

Agreed; these problems are nothing to panic over. Unless you’re dealing with a mechanic whose main service tool is a shotgun… :smile:

Is it worth fixing so I can hit 200K or just call it quits
Ok, I'll ask the obvious question: exactly how close ARE you to 200K?

These are NOT drastic or expensive issues. The oxygen sensor and CKP can both be replaced quickly and easily. The evap code needs a bit of diagnostics, but a smoke test will ferret out the problem quickly.