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Is it worth buying a 20 year old car?

A car is not an investment except for those hard to find classics that will appreciate in value.

Make that a 30 year old car. I did some touring with a bud in his Celica Supra, nice car.

This string is a dead 10 year old string that someone just dredged up. Hence the sudden shift from a “20 year old car” to a “30 year old car”.

Yeah I wonder how that 20 year old car worked out in the last ten years? Joseph Melan is a dead give away to an old discussion. I hope he is OK. I didn’t mean to make him mad.

I would have said a 20 year old car with 80K on it could have been beat all to heck during those miles. I think my Morris had under 60K and it was destroyed in that time.