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Is it worth buying a 1963 chevy C30 on a 1970 K5 chassy for $1500?

So I have an opportunity to buy a 1963 Chevy C30 on a 1970 K5 chassy for $1500, it has no lights or electrical done, the 454 big block inside it runs good but has issues topping out think it just needs to be tuned (Has 100k miles on the engine). Body is straight and the bed has been shortened to fit the chassy, it has no major rust anywhere on it.
It’s an auto-manual tranny 4 speed seems to shift smoothly without problems, needs new paint it only has primer on it, 20-inch tires with brand new rims.
Seats aren’t even bolted down.
Has no bed and the bed frame needs to be welded down.
Power steering is having issues.
No rear glass panel.

I love how it looks and damn is it loud, just wondering if $1500 is worth it for this, and for someone who isn’t to keen on cars but would love to learn by restoring this.

My personal opinion is, it isn’t even worth the time you took out of your day to look at it. The whole things sounds like a hack job.

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There is no “restore” since the truck was never built like this. This is a big project for me and I’ve worked on all the sub-systems that need finishing. As a “learning experience” you are way, way over your head, even on a simple machine like a '63 truck, in my opinion.

Don’t be seduced by open exhaust, walk away.

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Thanks for the advice guys, will avoid this one.

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It sounds like a fun project, but $1500 seems a little steep given the incomplete nature of this truck. It’s ultimate value as a classic when completed will be de-rated a bit b/c it is not 100% stock, another factor why the price asked is a little steep imo. If you’re thinking about taking a job like this on as a hobby, good for you. I like to see these older vehicles restored and put back on the road. Just be aware this sort of hobby is quite time consuming and expensive. If you’re interested in a Chevy classic truck to drive and restore I’d recommend a 60’s or better yet 70’s C10, as parts will be easier to come by.

George, did you not see that Joseph said he will avoid this . End of discussion.

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wth . . . ?!

This is no “restoration” we’re talking about

I guess we all read the same things, and see what we want to :thinking:

OP invoked the phrase “restoring” in the top post.

That may be . . .

But you should know better

No matter how op phrased it, you should know it’s not a restoration

Project job, if you want to be nice

hack job, if you don’t want to be so nice